Farewell middle school!

My goals for eighth grade where to get good grades and to not get grounded which I got a 50% ive been grounded before so I did fail that so that stinks but besides that i’ve done pretty good and went beyond that and i’m proud of myself!

My advice to upcoming 8th graders is to keep your locker clean it is an absolute pain to clean up at the end of the year and being well organized is very important and can help you get to your classes earlier. remember not to use stickers on your locker because the staff will not be happy at all and you might have to pay for it. Also be careful with the chromebooks you definitely would have to pay for if you broke a chromebook!

Care packages and where it all started.

Care is a non profit organization that you can donate to quickly and I mean very quickly seriously they have a quick donate button. This non profit organization was created in 1945 by men named Wallace J. Campbell and his friends Arthur Ringland and Lincoln Clark.They all together started delivering millions of relief packages of food and supplies to people in need.

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This was the birth of the phrase care package and what was to become one of the world’s largest international movements and relief organizations.Care puts 30% of its money into future investments trying to help people in the future situation from starvation. The other 70% that they get goes to people and trying to get them jobs so that they don’t fall into poverty and also send them care packages so they can get on there feet. “Last year, CARE worked in 93 countries, reaching 63 million people through 950 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid program” – Care. Which is very impressive there is really no other organization to donate to they help children and really just everyone. In conclusion make sure to do something to help the world because the world needs better people and Care can help with that use that

Refugee Reflection!

Josef a Jewish boy who had his home land taken over by Hitler! Hitler was a man who hated jews, Josef was on the run his whole life and when he had his bar mitzvah his whole life changed he turned into a man and he began to become the man of the house and he had to because a few months before that his father was put into Dechau and it turned him crazy! When that happened he realized that he had to be the man of the house and here’s three instances where he showed that!

The first time he stepped up to the plate to be the man of the house is when he slapped his own father! He slapped him and said ” Do you want the Nazis to get you? Good now if you make a move you will be sent back to Dechau”. It helped him out in that chapter but in the long run I think it hurt him more because he lost his father entirely when he went to the hospital in Cuba and he never saw him again!

The second time he was the man of the house was when he pinned his dad down and explained to him what was happening it went like this his dad being the crazy man he is was thinking that they were turning around to go back to Germany and Josef pinned him down and explained to him that they were slowing for a funeral.

Finally he sacrificed his life for his sister the Nazi asked the mother to choose between him and his sister and he chose for her and he died at Dachau. He WAS the man of the house.


Christmas is mostly to celebrate Christ. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and always have been even since I was a little boy. The reason I loved it was because I got new things with my family and it was always a good time. You might have always wondered why we put up christmas trees or maybe you haven’t and you don’t care either way I will tell you. The Germans started the Christmas tree tradition because to them Christmas trees were a symbol of Christ and evergreens is a sign of undying life and if you put the two together that is “undying christ”.

Another thing you might have wondered is why we give presents and it not because we just wanted to either. We give presents on Christmas because it is supposed to remind us of the presents that the wise men gave baby Jesus. The wise men gave three gifts to the baby all having spiritual meaning.The gifts we give today don’t really have spiritual meaning but it is a symbol of kindness and generosity and to just show you care.

We know about why we give presents and why put up Christmas trees but why did we celebrate Christmas in the first place? The reason we celebrate Christmas is to celebrate Jesus being resurrected. I have always loved Christmas but now I have a new appreciation for it now that you know more about a holiday maybe next time you think of Christmas you won’t only think of the presents but the meaning behind the holiday.

Im thankful for a lot of things…

When thanksgiving comes around your always asked that question what are you thankful for? You should be thankful for a lot of things most of them we overlook such as your parents, food, water and if you have them pets. One of the things that I am very thankful for is my parents they raised me since I was very young teaching me how to brush my teeth and count in spanish.Im also thankful for all my stuff like my halloween candy and my electronics.

I am very thankful for my electronics because they provide hours of entertainment. I even appreciate my toothpaste I, mean it has kept my teeth clean all my life obviously not the same tube but you have to appreciate even the smallest things. Like my pets everyday after school they let me pet them I have two cats by the way. Sometimes when I fall asleep I will wake up with them on top of me and lots of hair in my mouth and i’m not very thankful for that but its the thought that counts. Your not supposed to just think of all the good things in your life think about your life what are the chances you would grow up in such a good place any way you have to remember to be thankful!

I enjoy and appreciate all the things in my life and I think its important to let those things know that you appreciate them if its your mom tell them if its you… tooth brush then take care of it.

Why are Americans becoming rapidly obese?

Two of every three American men are considered to be overweight or obese and those numbers are increasing rapidly. Mostly due to the fact that everything has become more accessible from food to entertainment and instead of going outside and getting exercise kids even as young as 5 or 6 are inside playing Fortnite and that is an issue kids at that age should be out playing not just because that’s what kids do. But because that is when your body is growing and building muscle strength and coordination.

For the most part humans are lazy by nature so if we have the option of things to be done for us we let it be done so because of how easy it is to do really anything now a days you want food you can order it you want entertainment buy it there are so many types of entertainment it’s insane and you can get it all on your front porch and these games or movies or whatever you watch are really alouring especially for children so you could get you addicted for the rest of your life. Then one day you realize that you have spent 5 years playing dark souls and now you’re living in your mom’s basement.

In addition some people just don’t know when to stop young children don’t know how to manage or balance their time between school and play so they could very well get distracted enough so that they don’t do their homework! I know from experience because I once got in trouble for not doing my homework and mean while I was playing on my phone having a blast! Even adults can take off work to do something else and watch the new movie that came out sounds way better that going on the treadmill.

How alcohol affectes my life…

I have always knew drugs were bad even sense I was really little we would have speakers come into school and tell us that drugs kill people and they told us their story how affected their life and now it’s time to tell mine…

My mom took me to a campgrounds when I was about 10 and we were enjoying our time there making smores talking and having fun and it just so happened there was a dance floor and a DJ there so we danced for a long time having a lot of fun and eventually my mom walked away from the dance floor and it was just me and my sister but we were having fun so we didn’t realize that she left so an hour goes by and me and my sister find our mom sitting on a bench and she tells us that she doesn’t feel good. So we decide to take a walk and on of her friends met up with and we were just walking and all the sudden she just start falling over like she fell asleep in the middle of our walk! We all catch her and balance her even at that age I knew it was alcohol.

she stopped drinking for a long time and then on day I came home from school and found throughout that night she was acting so strange and I knew she was drinking this weird looking tea and I looked at the bottle and it had 5% alcohol in it so I knew why she was acting weird. She played music really loud all night and it made it really hard to sleep but eventually she got tired and went to bed and so did I.

This is why I encourage you to keep your friends family and you away from drugs and alcohol!

Character analysis: Cinder

My characters personality is not as simple as one word her name is Cinder. Cinder was once a human but she was in a fire and as a attempt to save his little girl her father had made parts of her body out of robotic parts. Making her a cyborg a half human half robot. This event changed her life drastically along with her personality she became a mechanic at the age of 16. She is known as one of the best mechanics in all of Beijing which is where she lives. If any mechanic doesn’t know what is wrong with something 

What motivates Cinder to do the things she does is for survival in post apocalyptic world survival is key. What also motivate her is Adri she is an awful stepmother that doesn’t want her because she is a cyborg. Adri gives her massive amounts of chores so she is not aloud to do things so that’s her motivation to do her chores. Adri is her stepmother given to her when her dad died Adri was left with a piece of junk she had to take care of a least that’s what Adri thought..

So this makes my character very quick to think on her feet and very scared for everything because she has had a lot of things happen to her throughout her life. Also Cinder because her dad passed she is constantly sad and morning for her dad and sometimes it seems like Adri doesn’t even care about the loss of her dad!

Reading really does make the world go round!

What’s your favorite childhood book? I became a reader through my mother and because of her reading books and stories to me I keep reading on and it’s been encouraged by all my teachers and many other people. One of the stories my mother read to me as a child was my Where’s My Mummy it’s a book about a mummy losing mama mummy his mother they were playing hide and shriek get it?Mummies are scary they make people shriek!

One book that turned me into a reader is Fablehaven it’s a great book you should go check it out it’s most likely at your local library!#notsposered. It’s a fun book with a lot of action so if you like action also a great book. The reason this book had such a big impact on me is because it was one of the first books that I could relate to enjoyed and just had a lot of fun with the twist and turns that they have is amazing!

Another great book is Cinder it is a series that I had much pleasure reading and you will to. it is set in the future and cyborgs and robots are in it. I’m sure it will peak your interest!

My Vision For The Future!

My plan for the future is to become an anesthesiologist which requires 12 years of collage or students can enroll in combined six-year undergraduate and medical school programs, which can reduce the time needed to begin a career. Obviously I want to go to college but I don’t know which one yet because I haven’t really looked in to it yet. Although I could get into collage free which is crazy to think about the fact that I could go get a 30,000 dollars worth education for free and that might be where I go for collage.

But before I get a more permanent job I want to get a job once I old enough to and save up for a car and hopefully pass the test.